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Climate Chronicle (3D Printed)

Climate Chronicle (3D Printed)

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Intricately crafted from the very graphs that chart our planet's rising temperature, this sculpture stands as a tangible testament to Earth's climate journey from 1880-2020.

The layered form visualizes the somber reality of our warming world, with each curve representing a decade of transformation. At 16 cm tall and with a 7 cm radius, the Climate Chronicle isn't just a piece of art; it's a conversation starter, a call to awareness, and a representation of our shared responsibility.

Place it in your space as a reminder of the delicate balance our planet holds and the role we play in shaping its future. This piece seeks not to dazzle, but to tell a sober and poignant story of our world's climatic evolution.

About this sculpture

This version of the Climate Chronicle (3D Printed) melds modern 3D printing and laser cutting technologies with time-honored artisanal methods. The renders on our website showcase the data set as visualized by our computer software, ensuring precision. Yet, the final product, as displayed in our 'in market' photos, is what you'll proudly display in your space.


As a unique blend of the contemporary and the traditional, expect up to 40 days for this distinctive piece to arrive, ensuring every detail tells Earth's climatic tale with precision and care.

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