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Tangible Data

Climate Chronicle - 2023 Festival de Datos (laser cut wood)

Climate Chronicle - 2023 Festival de Datos (laser cut wood)

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In honor of the 2023 Festival de Datos in Uruguay, hosted by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and the Uruguay Presidency, we are presenting a scaled-down replica of the featured data sculpture.

The chosen theme for the sculpture is the progression of climate change, a topic we deem both highly observable and pressing. The sculpture recasts the NASA data, which shows temperature anomalies since 1880 and how the average global temperature has increased just over 1C (33F) since 1880.

Similary to the original version, this replica is built on wood and covered with natural rope. All materials are 100% natural and recyclable. The sculpture is 15 cm wide, 15 cm long and 6 cm tall.

Artists: Antonio Moneo and David San Román

Aim of this sculpture

This sculpture represents a ten year moving average of temperature anomalies, in Celsius, since 1880 through 2023. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, who curate the source dataset, say that July 2023 was hotter than any other month in the global temperature record.


This piece seeks not to dazzle, but to tell a sober and poignant story of our world's climatic evolution. Place it in your space as a reminder of the delicate balance our planet holds and the role we play in shaping its future, or give it to someone who can give more visibility to the underlying message. 


As a unique blend of the contemporary and the traditional, expect up to 40 days for this distinctive piece to arrive, ensuring every detail tells Earth's climatic tale with precision and care.

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